Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's straight up a terrible accident that their plane crashed. But as terrible as it is you can't help but wonder how is it that the TWO famous ones on the plane managed to get out while the non-famous people didn't?

I mean it's great that Travis and DJ AM got out of there, but what about the others? What, God didn't deam them famous or special enough to come out of there? If you ask me that's f#cked up shit God's playin. For fairness shake it should be either they ALL come out of the plane burnt and injured, but alive or none come out at all.

And if you get deeper in to the religion crap than you can't rule out the idea of these two very famous successful people might have sold their soul to the devil. To be able to walk out of this alive? That might be just the case. If so I guess they got a little taste of "Hell" you could say.

Either way you look at it, it's just so suspicious in a way that they get out alive. Look at Allyah's private plane crash...ALL sadly parish.

Now before everyone starts getting on my case, I'm just saying. Is it not fair that "Lil Chris" didn't make it out or Charles Still [Barker's bodyguard] or the Pilot and Co-Pilot? I know Lil Chris' wife is saying it. Lil Chris has a 2 year old child, he has a family. He had a lot ot live for as much as any of the others. So there's only one logical conclusion, God is evil. It's not fair to Chris' wife or his 2 year old son. It's not fair to Still's family. Is it Gods will to cause pain and suffering? Many religious "freaks" will say yes. They will look at it and disrespect those that parished.

I hope Travis and AM get well and recover, but I just hope they don't forget those who didn't make it out. From seeing Barker on his reality show and hearing from others, he's a pretty humble and respectful guy that loves all those close to him. So I don't think he'll ever forget Lil Chris. In fact I think it'll probably eat him up that he was taken away so young in his life.

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