Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I don't know what it is about her but to me she just comes off as a slut. I mean she's been with the same guy for awhile now, but something about tells me she's sex fiend. I dunno.

She just reminds me of a Baguio Betty [the Philippine equivilent of a Bangkok Betty] or something.

I dunno for all I know she could be as homely and normal as can be, but after seeing those pictures of her nude and posing for the camera like a slut...I get that vibe about her now. She's hot don't get me wrong. She just seems like she's into a dirty sanchez, creampie, or a tea bag.

Heck her boyfriend looks like he wants a tea bag or creampie.

People hate me for baggin celebrities like her. I'm sure to catch a lot of slack for this rant.

Photo By John Shearer / Wire Image

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