Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Man am I gonna catch a lot of flack for that title. Like I give a sh#t who I piss off. Any ways North Korea's greedy selfish dictator maybe gravely ill. [North Koreans silently celebrating for the death of their dictator] It's time to set the people of North Korea free. Let them know that there is an outside world beyond the borders of North Korea. And that Kim Jong II did not create Toy Story or Pixar for that matter.

And we all thought that Castro was bad. This guys is 100x worse. His death will not be a loss. It'll be a day of freedom and joyfulness. His death should not be mourned, it shouldn't even be acknowledged.

Forget freeing Tibet, we need to free the people of North Korea.

If there is such thing as hell on earth, it's North Korea, with Africa coming in close second.

Here's a fact. The creators of South Park Matt Stone and Trey Parker would be shot if they ever set foot on North Korean soil.

When God wants to punish someone he doesn't send them to Hell he reincarnates them in North Korea.

Okay this is getting out of hand...Kim Jong II sux co*k!

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