Monday, September 8, 2008


For all you peeps on Facebook that have been chatting up the new Jabbawockeez site that's coming soon. and have wet your panties hearing that Macy's will carry JBWKZ merchandise. And most of you don't really know what the deal is or what JBWKZ really is.

Yes of course we all know that "JBWKZ" is an abbreviation for Jabbawockeez. And most of you by know [thanks to in some part my doing] that the Jabbawockeez cut ties with Armory and Cros1. Well news is that they cut the ties so that they could hook up with former Vice President of Branding of Ecko. Whom the masked men licensed their name to. To create a new line of merchandise to release and distribute to the open market.

Seems to me like a good move, if your goal is to make lots of $$$. I mean you dump Cros1 who is a little name in the fashion industry but not a big player and you hook up with someone who is, who was Vice President in Branding for Ecko, who no doubt is a major player and has connections to distributors like MACY's for one. That's a good business move. With Cros1 the Jabbawockeez shirts could only be bought at an Armory store. They didn't distribute them out to other distributors, he wanted to keep them exclusive to Armory. Made sense for him because it would bring attention to his stores and brand. But the Jabbawockeez don't want to share the attention, they want it all. So don't expect to see the first Jabbawockeez "stacked" design anymore. They will soon fade out and be replaced by the new stuff. Unless they pay off Cros1 and Felt for the design rights. Which is always an option.

The boys are really starting to brand their name. Which is good. They are capitalizing on every second they have until mainstream gets bored of them and pushes them away. That really won't be for a long time, but at least the boys are thinking about making the deals to set them up for life right now instead of just sitting around and riding the fame. Like I said capitalizing on the moment. That's good business sense.

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