Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Now I don't like talking politics because it's all a bunch of liars trying to con you into believing that they're not corrupt or greedy. They all are...but anyways. I'm just not liking McCain more and more as the days go by. Why? Because he's a greedy shallow selfish user. He uses women to gain an upper hand. Like his first and a second wife...especially his second wife, who's father helped introduce him into the political arena. And now there's Palin who he's using to gain voters.

Because before her no one was listening to him.

He calls the Dems desperate, when in fact he's the desperate one. That's why he chose Palin. He calls Barrack a celebrity, when in fact he's just jealous that Barrack has the celebrity vote on his side. McCain craves to be the center of attention, he like Heidi and Spencer long to be real celebrities. McCain relished on the attention he got after coming home from being a prisoner of war. Shaking hands with Nixon and being invited to Government functions. He dumped his first wife a former model after she was disfigured by a tragic car accident. He marries his present wife a month after his divorce from his first. Abandoning her [who needs constant care due to her injuries] and their kids.

To me McCain is not a man. He's a coward for abandoning his first wife and kids. He's a user who uses women in his life to get ahead. Don't be surprised by Nov. 4th he drops Palin for another VP candidate, one that is close to the Bush administration. He is a liar because he says he hates war, but he is for a draft. He's a desperate old man. The reason why he attacks Barracks character is because he has none. The reason why he attacks Barracks celebrity status is because he has none.

Voting for McCain means NO CHANGE, voting for Barrack means CHANGE.

McCain and Republicans argue how Barrack has no experience to take the presidents job. Did Bill Gates have experience computer technology? No, he dropped out of college and is the 3rd richest man [was no.1 for past 13 years] in the WORLD and has CHANGED computer technology and video gaming with his company Microsoft. Point is, sometimes experience doesn't mean jack sh#t.

With that it sounds like Celebrity Haider supports Obama. Obama's cool, but Clinton's cooler.

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