Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've spent the later half of a night reading comments from people on various political articles. The ones that scared me came from Newsbuster. Regulars seemed to talk code. From what I got from it was that some regs were talking bout getting ready for war, if Obama wins the Presidency.

And it made me think about these white racists that I know is so angry that this Black man is running for the Presidency. These extreme white racists [whom I don't understand why isn't considered a domestic terrorist group is beyond me] with militias all over the "redneck" states waiting for a race war to come about. And I think if Obama wins this could be the start that they've been waiting for. This guys are armed and ready to go. They've been ready for years. A race ear could come about. It's a serious thought that the Government needs to take seriously. They must have a scenario planned out already.

Because if Obama wins trust me. There will be a lot of angry white racists up in arms. And they will not be quiet about it. They will stir things up. Obama already receives death treats, and he's not even President yet. Obama won't be able to walk the traditional walk to his swear in. Don't be surprised that assassination attempts on his live become a consistent issue for him.

As sad of the reality is that this all could come true. It'll show the world that this nation is still filled with extreme prejudice and discrimination. It was just hidden until now. It really is a sad reality. You'd think our nation would get over it by now. I'm tired of it and I hope Obama changes this nation for the better. Because right now the same amount of hate from the 50s is still here today. Strong as ever. It's just kept in hiding, but has slowly reared its sleeping head with Obama running.

This nation is still not ready for a black or minority President.

From the tone and style of these negative comments they have give the hint that the people writting them are midstate whites. They sound very ignorant and arrogant. Which is a common trait of racist whites. 

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