Sunday, October 5, 2008


Palin today attacked Sen. Obama by calling him a friend of terrorists. Another desperate move by a desperate whore. She's desperate to move up in the political game and becoming VP would be that move. I mean she's got nothing going for other than that. She's the Governor of Alaska for Christ's sake. Who the f#$k cares about Alaska. And her running mate is so desperate to become somebody famous and being the President sure would help that.

Let's face it, McCain and Palin have nothing solid on Obama so they try to attack his character. It's about all they can do. They just don't realize it isn't working.

Palin's first VP debate against Biden proved how scripted she really is. How incompetent she really is to be VP. Biden destroyed her, not by him answering the questions or issues correctly, but how professional he was compared to Palin. Who in the beginning asked is she could call Senator Biden by his first name. This is an official debate and you want to address your opponent by his first name and not by his title? She's clearly not ready.

And today's attack on Senator Obama was a clear indication of how the Republicans are desperately clawing away just trying to stay in the run. Her comments should be viewed as desperate and disgusting. Next she'll be calling him a spear chugger. She's a sad woman, that uses her son's condition as sympathy to get votes.  She's really a sad individual. She and McCain make me sick.

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