Tuesday, October 7, 2008


McCain seems to filled with "Bad Judgements." He attacks Obama for his past BRIEF [keyword] with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. It's take time to let the word "brief" sink in. Obama met with Ayers a handful of times, Ayers threw Obama one event to bring him into the political ring. They were not friends nor did they spend anymore time together than the "brief" association. And let's note that during the time of Obama's association with Ayers, Ayers no longer had ties to the domestic terrorist group and was no longer involved with criminal activity.

Now let's get to McCain's association. McCain was associated with Charles Keating Jr. A man through his company Lincoln Savings and Loans cheated the American people of millions of dollars. Keating pretty much was the first institution to do it and started the trend for companies NOW to do it. Companies like AIG, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, etc. Lincoln Savings and Loans was bailed out by the U.S. government and lasted two years afterwards. Makes you think about the companies today and the $700billion bailout plan doesn't it? McCain at the time of the Keating/Lincoln scandal was "best friends" with Keating. There was no "brief" association it was a love fest. McCain was taking vacations with Keating. Flying to the Bahamas with his family and Keating, in Keating's private plane. All on Keatings expense and while taking contributions from Keating to support his political campaign. McCain was 1 of 5 senators investing in Keating and taking back big returns by Keating for backing his company Lincoln Savings and Loan.

At a time where the economy is affected by these fraudulant companies McCain's association with Keating is a big issue. More so than Obama's "brief interaction with Bill Ayers. McCain's association with Keating is just more proof that he will do anything to get ahead in the political platform. He abandoned his badly disfigured first wife and family to marry a woman [a month later] who's family has ties to the political ring. He hires Sarah Palin who's incompetent and has no experience whatsoever as his VP [note: her inexperience is the reason why McCain doesn't attack Obama's inexperience anymore] as a political stunt to gain more votes from women. His latest move to discredit Obama will pretty much come back to bite him with this news of McCain's association.

And to make things a little disturbing is the fact that McCain consults his lawyer for Obama's retaliation. Who releases a statement to AP that McCain was "a victim of a smear job." The question is how can you be a victim of a "smear job" when you were the first to attack your opponent with a "smear job?" It's not Obama's fault that McCain is clearly dumb or has Alzheimer's. Let's look at the record so far McCain attacks Obama on his "inexperience" but hires an "inexperienced" governor to be his VP, he attacks Obama celebrity hosted event knowing that Palin was wined and dined by weathly investors in the past, now he attacks Obama's past association, knowing that his past association is by far worse than Obama's?

Obama's been good not to attack first, let the other person attack and you respond in a justified manner, as he has been doing. Let's see what else McCain comes out with.

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