Thursday, October 23, 2008


The last few Presidents were tested by the world. President George Bush Sr. was tested by Sadam, President Bill Clinton was tested by Sadam, and President George Bush Jr. was tested by Sadam and Osama Bin Laiden. This is the point Obama was making. If he becomes President, he will most certainly be tested, because he would be a fresh face to the White House. The bad guys want to see just how tough he is.

For McCain in a recent interview with CNN to say that US foes will not test him, because he's already been tested is an arrogant self centered remark. He says he's already been tested. When? When you were a POW? That doesn't mean shit you old corpse. You weren't running a nation then. You where just G.I. Joe McCain.

It's just scary that this dip shit could end up being the President. If it so happen I hope that the "US foes" test the shit out of him. Bring it on him hard and see how he holds up. He'll have a heart attack. If he gets bent out of shape and frustrated with Obama, what more will happen when he gets attacked by REAL terrorists? Palin will have to take over. Not much of a challenge for the bad guys to get test her. She'll bend over like a $2 dollar whore.

With his redneck VP Sarah Palin right next to him they'll turn the white house into redneck house. If McCain is elected let's just change the flag to a Confederate flag. Wow it's scary times right now folks. That's why it's more important than the meaningless lives of celebrities.

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