Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Linda Hogan says her son is a changed person. Basically saying he went to jail as a boy and came out as a man. Really? Everyone knows Linda Hogan is full of shit. So what would make anyone believe what she says?

You know who's a changed person? His so called "best friend" John Graziano who has to be taken care of for the rest of his life, who's missing half his head.

Changed man. Fuck this little 18 year old prick. He's changed alright. Maybe she meant he went to jail never ever having had a dick shoved up his ass and in jail he's had the painful experience of getting a dick shoved up his ass.

This kid isn't even remorseful over what happened. Well he sure hasn't shown it. And he never will because he's a selfish brat. Let's just hope he gets his one day. I hope John's step brother runs into him on the street and just pounds him silly. To the point where he can't see, hear or walk right afterwards. If there were a God, he would make this kid life a living hell.

And Linda's just protecting her son, I get it. But she's just a dumb ass, attention seeking whore so who gives a fuck what she has to say.

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