Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This was at the Republican National Convention. Where you'd think smart educated people attended. I mean it wasn't one of McCain/Palin's redneck rallies. The man is wearing a suit, which would most likely suggest that he's somewhat educated. But no he can't spell Maverick. A typical John McCain supporter I guess.

Now this is more like it. This is a typical redneck white trash McCain supporter. If you're an Obama supporter I guess you're a "Moran" whatever that means. But if you're a McCain supporter than you're a MORON! I'm surprised he spelled brain right. I for sure would think he would spell it BRIAN. I'm guessing his name is Brian, so he'd know better.

Ah nothing is as creepy as John wait we got the creepy white child molester looking fat guy, who is holding a monkey with an Obama sticker on it. Wait is he pulling a John McCain redneck supporter move here? I think so. And in front of a black woman in the background [the standard designated spot for a colored supporter of McCain]. He's a closet redneck supporter though. Cause once he realized the cameras were pointed at him he quickly ripped off the Obama sticker, crumpled it up in his hands and then gave the monkey to a little boy being carried by his father on his shoulders. [seen to the mans right holding a McCain/Palin sign]. Coward. 

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