Sunday, October 12, 2008


What more is there to say about McCain and Palin than with a picture about the negative tone of their character attacks on Obama, it's caused his supporters to look at the opponent in hateful ways. At the recent rallies his supporters have spoken out in a negative racial tone. McCain himself tried defusing the negativity at the rallies but Palin didn't seem to say much to defuse it. At one of her rallies one audience member yells "kill him" when Palin mentions Obama and Bidens name. Palin does nothing but smile and continue with her speech. She "smiles" at it. Not draw a disgusted unacceptable look on her face, but a "smile." A sure tell that she personally wouldn't give it a second thought if Obama was assassinated or killed. Publicly she would look like she would but privately she wouldn't. What McCain and Palin have done lately is fuel the hatred that white America has been hiding with a black man running for President.

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