Sunday, October 5, 2008


I wouldn't put it past the Republicans to attack Obama's skin color in this last month before the general elections. They are a desperate group. And even they said they will step up attacks on Obama this month. I find Palin's comments a few days after the VP debate showed just how two faced she is. In the debate she said it was a pleasure to meet Senator Biden acting as if she was above all the name calling, almost respectful of her opponents, but not more than two days later she was attacking in a most disrespectful way. Bending the truth to fit their motive.

I can't say how much I'm starting to hate this woman. I think she's representing women in a bad way. I think Hilary Clinton was the best representative for women, Palin is a desperate man's choice. And it's a fact right now that McCain is a desperate man. He was coming into the race and now that he's quickly falling behind he's even more desperate.

Obama can not allow this to not go without a response, as Senator John Kerry allowed in 2004. He was criticized for his lack of response to the character assassination he endured. He lost because of it. People began to view him as a weak leader. Obama can not let that happen. He most not drop to McCain's level, but still respond and address the attacks.

I wonder what else they plan to do in the next couple of weeks. They say they plan to step up the attack. Let's see what that brings. In the end let's just hope that it makes McCain and Palin look like two racists that despise the fact that an ethnic man has gotten this far in the race for the Presidency. In my opinion I think McCain and Palin have an underlining issue with Obama's race.

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