Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the envy of a lot of people trying to make it in the entertainment industry. She was on a very well liked show, a contest in it, a show called Survivor. She was annoying back then on the show and she still is now. But like most annoying people on TV people got interested in her. Now she's a co-host on the women's talk show The View. Now she walks around and acts all Hollywood, when in fact she really hasn't done anything. The rest of the girls on The View have laundry lists of accomplishments. Her list can be counted with one hand. She's nobody that got lucky.

And now she's pushing her idiotic political opinions into everything on The View. She's spat with Rosie O'Donnell countless times before the producers pushed Rosie away because Elizabeth was prettier to look at on camera. I think Elizabeth didn't like Rosie mostly because Rosie is a lesbian. Now she's been sparing with Whoopi Goldberg, who was a nobody but made a career for herself the old fashioned way [unlike Hasselbeck], she worked her butt off. They've been throwing jabs at each other for a couple of years now. I personally think that Hasselbeck has an issue of color for Whoopi. I'm willing to bet that Hasselbeck is a closet racist. I mean she supports Sarah Palin who is well known in Alaska for her racism. Palin calls the Eskimo people countless names and she'll never hire a minority to work for her. Have you ever seen her with a minority? I have yet to see her touch  or speak to a minority. In a recent rally she poked fun of a Hispanic man that introduced her. His name was Tito, she quickly made the reference to the Jackson 5.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the same way. She supports the war in Iraq and believes we should keep fighting there. Which is basically saying keep blowing up those towel heads and who cares if we kill their innocent civilians. That's the impression I get from her. Her and Palin need to disappear from the limelight together. They're both very annoying and racist. I bet she would celebrate if Obama got assassinated. Well maybe not celebrate, she's not that stupid to portray that image of herself. She'll put up a smirk though, a little smile to show that she's happy about it.

I've heard some of her arguments before and all I've got to say is that she's dumber than dog shit. For reals, I'm not even kidding. She plays the stereotypical dumb blonde girl really well. But not as good as Paris. Watch if Barack Obama wins the Presidential seat she'll make some really racial remarks on The View, her and Whoopi will get into a heated confrontation about it. As most white racists [like herself] will go crazy if that day comes. If McCain wins she'll be taunting the rest of the girls  for weeks. Then when the nation falls apart because of McCain/Palin the girls will rip her a new one.

Point is she's as dumb as dumb can be. It's that simple. She needs to go away.

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