Wednesday, October 22, 2008


 It's saddening to hear a good friend backing a very racist campaign run by racist and ignorant people, in the McCain group. It wouldn't be a surprise or saddening if that friend were white. But he's not. He's a minority like a lot of Americans these days. But he won't stand for a man who might stand as the symbol for minorities in this country. Instead he'll stand behind a man who unfairly and dishonestly attacked his running mate by painting him as a terrorist and as Muslim. McCain planted the seed of hate that will follow Obama for the rest of his life. If he becomes President those seeds will grow and people will lash out at Obama and demand his head. McCain is the typical white man that doesn't understand the view point of a minority. He won't understand how to deal with foreign countries, because he has the white pride in him. Thinking he's better than they. His Christian beliefs teach him [like Bush] that Christianity should be the only religion in this world. That his God is the only and true God, he doesn't respect any other religions Gods. He would refer to them as false Gods. This is why John McCain is out of touch.

The white Christians will all stand behind McCain come Nov.4 Even though polls show Obama ahead, it's not an accurate tally. McCain can come out on top, because of the Christian base. I have a few friends that are Christian and they believe Obama is the anti-Christ. I would suspect it's because they believe in the lies that Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist. It's their Christian closed minded thinking that's got them all screwed up. So I wouldn't be surprised if McCain wins. I'm hoping it doesn't happen, but it's not out of the question.

My good friend all he does is look at all the propaganda he finds on YouTube. I don't think he's read any article or transcript or bios for any of the candidates. He gets his thoughts from Fox News and YouTube. It's a shame. He calls Obama a socialist, but he really doesn't even know what a socialist really means. What modern socialism is. I suspect he gets a good half of his ideas from our Christian friend. Who is so wrapped up in being a born again Christian he's forgotten how to think freely. It's a shame. They don't look at both view points of each candidate and see the issues.

They don't see how McCain focuses all his efforts attacking basically trying to destroy Obama's career by painting him out to be a Muslim terrorist. He doesn't care what this could mean for Obama's career. The Maverick simply wants to destroy him, literally. If Obama was assassinated he would give it a second thought. While people would morn Obama he would go out and celebrate with Sarah Palin. Obama chooses the higher road all the time and focuses on the issues at hand. He acts very Presidential, very professional and very respectful. Just like Gen. Powell said how he's disappointed in McCain's tactics and the racial undertones. McCain is pretty much trying to tell us that we should view ALL Muslims, even American born Muslims as terrorists. This is suppose to be a country of diversity. But instead the Christians want it to be an all Christian nation.

The even sadder thing is that Barack Obama is Christian. He grew up with his WHITE Christian grand parents and WHITE mother. But instead of embracing him as a Christian the Christian run Republican campaign of McCain has written him off as an abomination. Christians...God I hate them. Damn Polygamists and Televangelists. All corrupt and all dirty perverts.

As religions idiots would say "I pray" for my friend. Hoping he sees through the propaganda of lies that McCain spews out. But in all truth my friend doesn't have any right or merit to his argument for John McCain, because he's not a US citizen and therefore can't vote.

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