Sunday, October 5, 2008


OJ's stupidity got him in a mess that he can't get away from. After being ac quited on the 1995 murders, OJ should have done one thing. Stayed out of the spot light. But no OJ was known for loving to be the center of attention. He hung out with the wrong crowds and did stupid things like write about "If I did it." He's obviously stupid. So stupid that he's got me convinced that he didn't commit those murders in 1995.

He knows the white man wants to bury him for the acquittal of killing two WHITE people. He should have stayed away for the spotlight and just lived his life as best he could and think of kids. Nope his selfish ways gave the white man the opportunity to destroy him. Now he will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison for a petty crime.

The ALL WHITE jury will recommend he spend the rest of his life in prison. Some of the jurors already said that they were upset over his acquittal in 1995. As much as I don't like OJ and think he's dumber than a fly, I think this case was the white mans way of getting back at a partial black jury for acquitting him in 1995. It's that obvious. Just more proof that America is still a white nation.

If Obama wins, he's probably be the most target and have the most assassination attempts on him than any other president in history. The question is how many attempts before they get to him? The white man WILL NOT tolerate a black man as the leader of this "divers-" correction "white" nation.

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