Wednesday, May 14, 2008


If I was a gambling man, I'd put all the chip on David Cook. Archuleta is the favorite, so the pay off of picking Cook and he winning would be outrageous.

Personally I think Cook is the better persona for music. He plays his own instrument, he's got the rocker thing going on, which is a big trend nowadays. Archuleta is to goody goody. He's a little kid with that can carry a tone, but his voice just sounds like he's holding his nose shut while talking. They're both talented singers, no doubt, but I think on a marketing stand point, Cook is the more marketable. I can see PR firms hired by American Idol's parent company having a field day with all the things they could use him for. Archuleta is just to much of a kid that his market range isn't that good. And he's good looking guy, but he's not up to Hollywood standards.

So I guess Celebrity Haider believes Syesha will be out this week and the final two are the two Davids, with Cook eventually taking it all the way. While Archuleta is sent packing and ready to receive some form of degrading criticism from his stage dad.

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