Friday, May 2, 2008


Is it or isn't it true? Rumors and reports are going around that Nick and Mariah have married. TMZ reports that Mariah's family members have been saying that it's not true, that the rumors are false. But Nick's family are confirming it to be true, saying that Nick called and told them the news. So what is it? And why is Nick Cannon so desperate to get married? He's been wanting to get married for sometime now.

The two have been said to have been dating for a month and that the couple are smitten. It has also been said that Mariah has always had a crush on Nick, whom I might add is 11 years younger than Mariah. It's like she went from marrying a guy that's her senior to a guy that's her junior. I guess guys her age don't really suit her.

She's been looking good lately though, since her release of her newest CD. But I really don't see this celebrity marriage lasting the time. I mean they've only been dating for a month.

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