Sunday, May 11, 2008


The feud between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag have been ongoing now for a few seasons on the show The Hills and it has yet to die out. Thanks to such tabloids as US Weekly, who makes the feud their top cover story of the week. And then there's blog sites like CelebrityHaider that also keep the fire going.
Honestly the feud is lame. The Hills is Conrads show. Heidi and her fame seeking counter part/boyfriend Spencer Pratt continually bash Conrad on any format they can, radio, TV, the or the Internet. They're biggest dig on Conrad is an unproven sex tape that Conrad's ex-Jason Wahler supposedly taped.

Heidi and Spencer swear of it's existence, but much like the alien bodies supposedly recovered in the infamous Roswell crash, no proof of it has come up.

The rumors are out that MTV doesn't know what to do with Heidi and Pratt, since the show is based on Conrad's life and it's apparent that Heidi is no longer a part of Conrad's world. So there really is no use for the pair on the show, but their only life line to fame is that unproven sex tape (which is bogus cause these days sex tapes are in). But with Conrad taking the higher road by ignoring the two desperate fame seekers, the two are going sink fast. Hopefully they'll be gone and forgotten soon. No one likes the pair anyhow. They're America's most hated.

Spencer needs to be where he belongs. On his knees sucking some dude off for some drugs for his Hollywood buddies. And Heidi needs to be where she belongs, on her back receiving it from some dude he paid for her services.

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