Monday, May 12, 2008


I don't know about you but I've seen that show about stage parents. Forcing their kids to pursue the Hollywood dreams that they weren't cut out for. Sounds like David's dad is just that kind of parent. You got to feel sorry for the kid. I mean the kid's been through a lot and now he's got his Dad forcing his career. If this kid wins American Idol, his life will be one mental mess. His Dad will be hovering above his shoulders through his whole career. If I were this kid, I'd make sure by the time I'm of legal age, I'd find a real manager that I could trust (I know that's a hard task in itself), someone that's not family and send good old Dad home. You just can't have family members representing you. You'll end up like Gary Coleman, an angry anti-social small person.

Hope David's Dad learned his lesson. You don't mess with a big boys with lots of money and successful hit program. If he doesn't comply, they will take it out on his son. Besides they own him, he signed the contract. Which means they can make or break any way they want.

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