Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This just in. The Philippines would like to congratulate Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson on their marriage. Everyone in the Philippines is pleased that California has passed a law allowing gay marriage, paving way for the couple to get married legally in California.

Tito Jon-Jon says "It's berry humbling that Calipornia has allowed these a gays to join each oter in holly matrimony. Especially this two ladies...what is der names again? Si, Pete and Ashley? Best wishes to the boat of yous. Thank you berry much."

As a wedding gift the Philippines was planning to build/give the couple a custom designed Jeepney. But unfortunately if the couple had excepted they would not have been able to bring it back to the United States, because the jeep doesn't meet any street regulations here. It's pretty much considered a huge aluminum death trap.

this has been a tribute to the Onion

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