Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The latest news was that "so in love" Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were splitsville. Well now the Hollywood rumor mill has spun and now the gossip is that Papa Jo is the reason that the love birds are on the rocks.

It's rumored that Tony doesn't like Papa Jo. Especially with Papa Jo trying to give him career advice. Sound familiar? It should, Jessica's ex-husband Nick Lachey felt the same way about Papa Jo. And it was evident on their MTV show Newlyweds. Nick didn't like Papa Jo and Jessica knew it. Nick even tried numerous times to hang out with the guy but it just didn't fly.

And Jessica being a papa's girl was stuck in the middle. Looks like she's stuck in the middle again. If she doesn't get her act together and grow up, become independent of her leaching dad than all her relationships will be doomed.

The guy has sleazeball written all over his face. On the show Newlyweds he just came off like an arrogant jerk off who was clearly riding his daughters fame. The surprising thing is that he is an ex-pastor. He gave up life with "the lord" in turn for fame and money. Isn't that blasphemy? He left his life of worship and service to God to bathe in the temporary riches of the city of sin (Hollywood). I know, I know Las Vegas is considered "Sin City" but I think Hollywood was the first.

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