Thursday, May 1, 2008


Update on the Lowe's Legal Issues

I have never been so eager for all the dirt that the Lowe harassment case is going to kick up during the whole legal battle. As of right now I'm 95% percent on the two ex-nannies side. Besides I have to, I wouldn't be celebrity haider if I was on their side. If I had an ounce of doubt that they are being dragged around by these two former employees than it would be a 60/40% still o the nannies side. But since I've never liked Rob Lowe as an actor and both nannies claims seem pretty solid at the moment, I'm sticking with them at almost 100%. Does that make any sense at all? Anyhow the point is, screw the rich a$$ celebrity, he can't hide behind all his high powered lawyers, money, fame and status.

I hope everything pans out and that the nannies are telling the truth about the Lowe's. I can imagine the field day the tabloids will have knowing that it's all entirely true. They would pick the Lowe's apart.

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