Tuesday, May 27, 2008


By all means Hugh can buy any materialistic thing that Holly could want. He has enough money to do so. But there are things that money just can't buy. One thing that women want from their men that isn't bought at a store or paid for with money.

Still no idea what I'm talking about? KIDS! Well I guess technically you can buy them, but I mean of your own blood, DNA...
73 or so year old can still get it up with the help of Viagra, but his sperm is pretty much like him...ancient.

Holly has stated that they've tried very hard to get her pregnant, but nothing has worked. So now she's dabbling with the idea of a sperm donor. But then that wouldn't be his blood kid. Might as well adopt an African or Cambodian kid like all the other celebrities. Why put yourself through the whole pregnancy with a sperm donors child.

I wonder if he gives it to the other girls. I can't see a white old dick in Kendra. From the way she acts and talks about black athletes, she wants the black mans penis in side her. Bridget is just to homely...I bet she's a freak in bed. Notice how she so into their themed parties, probably carries over in bed. Bet she likes to role play. French Maid outfits, school girl outfits, etc.
But anyhow so if Hugh did have a child with Holly the kid will messed up mentally. Kids in school would be like "Dude your dads older than my grandpa!"

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