Saturday, May 24, 2008


Jason Taylor has his eye on a Hollywood career, considering his NFL career is nearing it's end.

The Miami Dolphins, actually it's the new head coach Tony Sparano and V.P. of Football Operations for the Dolphins, Bill Parcels. Well mostly Bill Parcels. Who's known to try to ruin players that show a hint of not complying to his authority.

Basically Parcels is a bully. He's kick Taylor out, via head coach Sparano, of all their training camps this summer.

But he's picking a fight with Miami's most beloved Dolphin, next to Dan Marino. Jason Taylor right now is considered the face of the Miami Dolphins. If Parcels get rid of Taylor and the team does terrible this upcoming season, he'll have to answer to some very angry fans.

What did it for Taylor? Three words "Dancing With Stars." That's what is going to cost him his job in Miami. Look for Taylor to be on another teams roster in the next couple of months. Even though no teams officially can talk to him because he's under contract, it's reported that Taylor has made comments that he would very much like to play for the San Diego Chargers. Which would be interesting, considering he has beef with the teams leading linebacker Shawne Merriman. But thank goodness that won't be an issue because the Chargers have absolutely no interest in an aging player who's skills are diminishing, who's probably got 16 games left before retirement.

It's alright he's got Hollywood to fall back on. Ladies and gentlemen the next O.J. Simpson.

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