Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Okay I don't know about you, but this is a confusing picture. You look at her tits and your like "yea look at those bad boys", but then you look at her arms/shoulders and your like "ah, look at those bad boys!" It's confusing and scary at the same time.

Either way I've never thought Madonna was hot. But I do love the sight of a nice rack and she's definitely got some nice ones.

Why the hell is Madonna so buffed up anyways? She's got shoulders that I can only dream of. I wonder what's going on in her husband's mind when he's giving it to her. Probably something like this..."yea baby look at those bad boys (tits)." and then he gets a glance at her arms..."ah, look at those bad boys (arms), they're manlier than mine, am I gay now?"

Seriously, any straight man who finds that sexy has got issues (your gay), cause that sh#t ain't right. Girls arms should be soft not chisled and hard as a rock.

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