Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Audio tapes recently released by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office reveal a very different picture of a remorseful Nick Hogan aka Nick Bollea of causing his friend John Graziano serious brain injury. John Graziano, 23, a U.S. Marine and longtime friend of Nick remains semiconscious.

On an article by (St. Petersberg Times it reports that on the taped (unheard by celebrity haider...yet) conversation between Nick and his father (Hulk Hogan), Nick asked his father to line up a reality show about his jail time, release, and him getting back on his feet from all this.

Stating "I want to do it where I'll make the most money."

It is also heard that Nick told his father that John was a negative person.

Doesn't sound much like a friend that feels bad with what happened does it? It sounds more like a spoiled brat that never learns his lesson. That's only remorseful because he knew it would reflect well on his image and sentence. People actually feel sorry for Nick (just because he's famous) rather than his non-famous friend John, who is pretty much brain dead, pretty much dead altogether. Nick has his fathers PR people spinning things trying make him look like a loving, caring, and remorseful friend of John. When in reality he only cares about himself and how he's going to capitalize on his situation.

The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office is clearly appalled by Nick and his family, why else would they release the tapes. They are using the fame of the Bollea's against them. They are sick of the picture the Bollea's painted of themselves, it's about time someone released proof of the true Bollea's. Selfish, money hungry, greedy, fame seekers. Everyone should thank the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office.

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