Sunday, May 18, 2008


Really who cares that Denise Richards is in her own reality show? She's a washed out actress. No one wants to hire her. She hasn't done a mainstream movie since what Scary Movie 3?

Isn't Denise the one that stole Heather Locklear's husband, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora? Befriended Locklear and then stole her husband right? Isn't that how the story goes? That has cheap dirty slut written all over it. You just don't do that to a friend. There's no explanation Richards could give to get her off the hook on that one. The funny thing is that I usually don't side girls with the name Heather, I just despise girls with that name. But Locklear's so freakin hot for a 47 year old.

Anyhow saw a clip of her reality show...just as I suspected, it's snooze fest. There just isn't anything really interesting about her. And usually preview clips are suppose to be interesting, you know bait to get you to watch the show, but the clip I saw was just so boring. Kimora Lee's show is more interesting than Richards. But I'll still watch...just so I can bash it and smash it.

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