Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Imagine this Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt are business partners. Everything to them is business. They are entrepreneurs looking for the next big thing. They have investors and advisers. They've decided to target the reality show business. Pratt advises Jenner on who to date in order to get the best maximum exposure. Both have a fleet of cars that are paid for by their number one investor and friend Jacob Najjar known in their circle as the Godfather, an heir to a major real estate fortune.

Sounds like a twisted plot in a movie right? Well actually it's pretty close to reality for the two. If you want to keep believing what the gossip tabloids tell you about their feud (which was fabricated by the two) then take your blue pill and go back to your fake reality. The real reality is that people that capitalize on trends like the reality show trend are a dime a dozen. Pratt and Jenner are one of those people. They portray themselves as two naive bratty rich kids but they both aren't as dumb as they look (Paris Hilton, is actually as dumb as she looks). As much as I would love to say that they are, they actually aren't. They're just capitalizing on Hollywood's reality show creations. Doesn't mean I still wouldn't like to take a bat to Pratts face. I hear he's taking personal boxing lessons. See now that's smart of him. Because he knows that a lot of people hate his guts.

So I guess that means that we all know who released the rumors about Conrad's sex tape. Jenner and Pratt, they knew just how much press they would get and to have it blamed on Pratt's character on The Hills, while keeping Jenner innocent and in the circle with Conrad was pure genius.

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