Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"Suddenly I heard a tapping, as of someone gently heard me tapping right?"

"Mother is God in the lips and hearts of all children...morphine is bad for you. Your daughter is out there on the streets waiting for you."

A brilliant movie I tell you. For one whole summer I watched Brandon Lee's The Crow every night. I didn't go out with any of my friends. I just stayed home and became a hermet. It was the best summer of my life. To this day I still know everyone of his lines in the movie. The weird thing is I don't own a copy of the movie. 

Truely Brandon Lee's best movie of his short career. I keep telling everyone if he was still with us, he'd have been Neo in the Matrix series. Cause I mean come on Keanu doing kung fu? It was ridiculous. It was like watching Sean Penn go full retard in I Am Sam. In fact it was like watching a retard doing kung fu. BL would have been perfect for the Matrix. He knows kung fu [thanks to his father the master] and he spoke well. Unlike Keanu who still sounds like a high surfer dude.

The other movies of The Crow series were nothing but a joke to Brandon's. BL became The crow, he will always be remembered as The crow. He's made the image into an icon.

I just literally read on that there is a reboot of The Crow movie in the works. Directing it will be Stephen Norrington director of Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Honestly I can't think of anyone that could match BL's performance. The only one that would come close would be Heath Ledger...but he's no longer here.  It would have to be a no name actor, because I can't see anyone in Hollywood right now that could come close to filling BL's shoes. It's a tall task to take on. I hope they make it worth the watch. We'll see.

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