Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Okay so I did what I never thought I'd ever do. I joined in on the myspace scene. Hey it's all for networking and promoting my agenda. That's why I finally did it. Besides I'm pushing the clothing line that I'm in on with my business partner Alix Ako. So what.

It's not about the social scene. It's about using people to get the word out about ME. I am Chris Haider and everyone will know my name. That's my approach to it. I'm tired of being a nobody. So I'm gonna use myspace to be somebody. I just have to figure out if I want to be the person people love to the lovely Spencer and Heidi or do I want to be well liked like Will Farrell....Nah, Heidi and Spencer. Thas me...

Heck my goal for 2009 is to be one of the most hated personalities there is. I'm tired of being nice. It's just so weak.

Anyways myspace yea I'm on it. Fuck it. Fuck you! Fuck everything, Fuck everyone! Happy Fucking NEW YEARS! Fuck the new year!

Can you tell I'm a whole lot of aggravated right now? Well if you knew all the shit I'm going through right now you'd understand.

Oh by the way my myspace URL is

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