Monday, December 1, 2008


New York Gaints star wide receiver Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg at a club over the weekend when his gun slipped out of his waistband down his pant leg. He attempted to show off his WR hand skills by quickly securing the handgun but he fumbled around with it in his pant leg and accidentally pulled the trigger and shot himself. Luckily for him the bullet went in and out without hitting a bone. 

Then with his quick wit he concocted a master plan to have his teammate Linebacker Antonio Pierce take the piece and stash it. Also he would not call for medical help, he thought he would just walk it off. I mean if went cleanly through it's all good right? Ah NO genius. Again, luckily for him his wife is the smart one. She and a friend took him in [2 hours after the shooting] to get treated.

He reportedly told the security guards at the front of the club that he had a hand gun but he kept it as protection, because he carries a lot of cash and is decked out in bling. Little did they know that he would try to mug himself later on in the club.

Dumbass of the year award goes to...[drum roll] Plaxico Burress!

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