Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Since I'm on a tirade this morning I thought I would continue with the upcoming New Year. For the country it is going to be a momentous year. Because the first black man will be sworn in as President of the United States. Which then of course will bring a lot of death threats and assassination attempts on his life.  But it will also be a test to see if America can rebuild it's image.

It's an exciting time for most people but for the few like myself 2009 will start off on a bad note. And will most likely escalate into more terrible situations and issues. It's the story of my life basically. The question is how long can I stand to live life this way? How long can any one of us live life in terrible situations?

With that said, what is there to look forward to on New Years? It's just another year, one number higher than the last. It's like someone who counts really really super duper slow has been counting all these year. It's really not a big deal. It's really just an excuse to party and drink.

The funny part is at the beginning of the new year every one's got their list of things they are going to do different the new year. But after a week or two or maybe even a month, they forget about it and it never gets accomplished. We get this false sense of a fresh start at the new year, it's kinda like a meth head completing rehab and a week later he's back to getting at fix. It's a temporary feeling.

I'll tell you what he meaning full new years is. The turn of a millennium for one. That's a historic event. Like 8 years ago when it turned 2000. Everyone was scared that all computers personal and professional would somehow go nuts with the turn of the millennium.  The Y2K bug. Nothing serious came of it. The media hyped it up and blew it out of usual. But people did freak out. A lot of people prepped their emergency supplies. Buying up bottled waters and canned foods. While ones with military connections amassed MREs to last them for a whole year.

Well anyways my eyes are hurting now and my pies are still baking in the oven [still prepping for the New Years eve party tonight]. Marjorie [I know you're reading this] I might have an egg/custard pie for you. All depends on how this batch turns out. Expect a text later today.

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    it was full of yummy-ness =D