Saturday, December 6, 2008


What was missing was the suit that's featured in the comic book and in the video game based on the movie. It would have been real cool if he donned the suit.

Other than that the movie looked great. Very fun to watch and Angelina Jolie...what can you say. She's smoking hot. A little to skinny in this movie though, but still freaking hot!

I really would have liked to see the suit worn in this movie. Well if there's a slight chance that a sequel were to come out than I hope the suit makes it's debut.

How many of us feel like the normal life that we lead isn't what our destiny had in store for us? I feel that way everyday. What if you could wake up one morning and told that you had a special gift that you where skilled in ways you could only imagine? I would freaking take full advantage of it.

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