Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I was at a friends party and of course the fellas talk nothing but sports. I telling myself that I didn't want to get into any conversation about football because I've turned a cold shoulder to this Chargers squad. I know, people have been on my case about that. Calling me a band wagoner...I just laugh it off. Because I know I've been a Chargers fan since 93 or so. So I've been there with the Ryan Leaf mess. I've been there when they were 1-15. In fact I tell others I'd rather have that 1-15 right now than the team we've got right now. Why? Because at least with the 1-15 team they new they sucked there was no talent there at all. 

But this team. 

Was praised by the NFL as one of the most talented squads to ever be assembled. Really? I don't fucking see it. DO YOU? Their franchise player [Ladanian Tomlinson] has more success with commercials than he does on the field. A 1.7 average yards per carry against the Atlanta Falcons? "Oh it's cause he doesn't have Lorenzo Neal blocking for him anymore." is the common excuse given by a hardcore LT fan. My response to that? He didn't have LoNeal before he, and he was doing fine. It looks like now that he DEPENDED on LoNeal too much. Now that he doesn't have that luxury he can't make it happen. He can't make anything happen. Michael Turner doesn't have a LoNeal, he's tearing shit up. He makes it happen on his own. It's clear now LT's NFL age is showing, it's also clear that AJ should have tagged Turner or ensure he's still around just to ultimately be the replacement for LT. But then again he should have fired Marty earlier and made Wade Philips the head coach. But what is a missed opportunity is a missed opportunity. 

It is what it is.

The only two players that really are giving it their all is Philip Rivers and Malcolm Floyd. My friend jumped on me for saying that about Rivers and unfortunately I wasn't able to throw a comeback on his comment that Rivers is the reason we're losing, because I had my god damn kids driving me crazy at the party and I was a little off that day. So sorry James but here's my rebuttal...

Damn fucking right he's the best player on the team this season. He's the only one out there that's acting like he wants to play and win. His first half of the season was crazy. He'd bring them back from deficits his Defense would put them in and he would find a way to claw back. Of course we all know what happened to a lot of those comebacks. Like in Denver. The refs would be hating on the bolts and the defense who couldn't stop a one armed one legged QB with an o-line of retarded midgets throwing to a blind wide receiver with his arms and fingerless hands extended hoping the ball will find it's way to pay dirt...and it always did. The story of the Chargers defense this season, destroying Rivers comeback 4th Qtrs...but don't look at Rivers to blame them, he's to much of a team player to point fingers. Rivers has continuously given the Chargers new hope. His ability to keep going and finding ways to give his receivers countless opportunities to make a play shouldn't go unacknowledged.

Rivers can't help it that he gave Jackson at least 4 perfect deep balls this season, that if he didn't let slip through his hands would have resulted in long TDs, he gave him the opportunity. Jackson just failed to take it. In fact the only dependable target he has who's made big play after big play is Malcolm Floyd and he was the number 4 or 5 receiver [now number 3]. He most likely is now known in the locker room as Mr. Dependable. Because you can count on him to make a play.

But back to Rivers.

So now in the second half of the season people are now on his case for the costly mistakes as of late. We'll you know, you'd make a lot of mistakes too if your O-line all of a sudden forgets how to keep you safe and most of your targets don't know how to get open at all. So he's left with two options keep taking sacks or try to make a play to keep you going. Hence his regrettable INTs. So excuse him for trying to make something happen when clearly most of your star players on the offense are clearly NOT trying...LT.

Final outlook...the Chargers are not the most talented squad praised by the NFL analysts. Now they say on paper they look good, but that's about it. They've become the laughing stock of the NFL. Right now with so many so called talented players they look worse than the Detroit Lions and the Oakland Raiders. They made all of us who backed them up against Denver, New England, KC, and Raider fans look stupid. They spit on our face after we defended them. Accepting any loss is a sign of a loser. They've accepted their season is a loss. They truly are losers. Madden said it best himself. "The Chargers are a GOOD team in the NFL. They are not a GREAT NFL team."

My suggestion to the Chargers. Don't fire Turner...demote him to offensive coordinator. And hire Bill Cowher as head coach. Look for a power runner to replace Tomlinson. In fact try to trade him plus Antonio Gates or Chambers and a first round pick to the Raiders for McFadden. And AJ do not I repeat DO NOT start next season without securing Merriman with a new contract. Keep him. You see what happens the D without him? Be smart...okay I'm tired of this rant. I'm sure most of you as well...

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