Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well our Manhattan "fresh air" loving girl from the The Hills, Whitney Port has her own show, The City. It followers her life as she moves up the ladder in the fashion industry, as only a white person can truly move up, booge [urban slang for stuck up].

Being on an aggravated mood lately as I was watching one of the episodes last night I couldn't help but get angry when Whitney and her "City" friends went out to eat at a nice rooftop restaurant. I literally wish I could have gone there, walked up to their table and said "So which one of you booge bitches wants to get thrown off the roof firs?"

The shows as lame as The Hills. It follows pretty much the same formula. We already are getting a glimpse of who's the evil menace on the show. It's the girl that works with her. Then she's got the annoying Australian boyfriend, who happens to be a rocker I think. I don't know I don't give a shit. But that accent is so fucking annoying.

The Hills fans will love the show as much as they loved The Hills.

Whatever...dumb asses. Well I'm off to prep of fucking new years eve dinner. It's fucking 12:30am and I have to prep for tonight's dinner already. Fuck just call me TOP CHEF.

Oh if you're wondering why I'm writing "Fuck" a lot. I figured I'd get my fucking fucks in before the new fucking year comes. I think I hardly used this fucking word this whole year, so this is all the fucking bottled up fucks I'm letting out.

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