Saturday, December 27, 2008


"A harmless gangsta is a dead gangsta." You're stupid to think you're safe because the leader of a gang is locked up in prison? What you don't realize is that by keeping him alive he  gives orders and runs the gang from the comfort of his own cell. We pay for his food, clothes and living conditions while he's in prison. That feel good to you? That your hard earned tax paying dollars go to giving these thugs a comfortable life? While a lot of us go homeless with this disgusting economy? We loose food, no clothes, no decent living conditions. For you and your wife and kids. But these losers get everything for free. That make you feel good?

I say execute all harden criminals and gangstas. For the petty criminals, house them until their time is served and put them on probabtion for longer periods. That should free up a lot of over crowded prison facilities, which can then be converted as a means to house and help the less fortunate. I'd rather have my tax paying dollar go to someone that is seeing hard times.

I really loathe gang members and piece of shit thugs. I laugh when I hear a gang member is killed in the evening news. There should be no place in society for them. Glorifying their life styles should be a crime.

And there should be no place for people like PST Gear who glorify that lifestyle. Ha, thought I'd throw that in there.

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