Saturday, December 27, 2008


I now and then watched an episode of the History Channels series "Gangland" and as usual I was disgusted at what I saw. The story of another retard with an IQ of an apple puts together an elaborate organization of piece of shit gangsters. Who terrorize and destroy their neighborhoods just so they can stuff their pockets with drug money.

Black people in run down communities blame everyone else for their situation, but the never look to blame the real cause of it. The gang ruling their neighborhoods and cities. Why? Because they are afraid of getting killed for speaking out.

But you know who else is to blame? MTV, BET, the media, and Hollywood. MTV gave a lot of these thugs that platform to spew out their venom's, so did BET. The media would create a love affair with these thug rappers and the audience [us, the viewers] and of course Hollywood would come in and glorify that love affair.

Now those thugs that used to do nothing but contribute to the death of their communities are now living lavish life styles. Mingling with celebrities. Making millions of retarded rap jingles. And becoming role models to the young generations.

Who are these thug rappers? Here's to name a few: Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, 50 Cent, The Game, and Lil Wayne. Most have criminal records, most have served some time in the system. But yet most are considered role models to kids. It goes to show how out of whack our society has gotten through the influence of television and the media.

I am a strong believer that harden criminals and gang thugs DO NOT deserve a second chance in life. I don't believe they are worth the air they breathe and therefore should be put down. Much like a mad/wild dog is put down. But as long as our nation is filled with peace loving, God loving conservatives the problem will continue until the end of civilization. 

Glorified drug selling thug 50 Cent should not be making millions and millions of dollars from the people. He is nothing but a user and abuser of the people. He sold drugs that killed a lot of people. He has no remorse for that. Don't bother him. As long as it filled his pockets with cash. He should be seen for what he really is a low-life drug dealing loser. But no he's not, he's been glorified by Hollywood as a kid who tragically lost his mother, who in the aftermath of the loss had to hustle his way into becoming a man and then becoming a gangsta rapper. Now that's the American dream right there ain't it?

It's crap that's what it is. Rap has gone from it's roots being a positive force to a negative force that exploits money, sex, drugs, guns, and murder.

If Obama really wants to make a change. He needs to destroy gangs in America. 

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