Saturday, December 27, 2008


Nobody really liked his comedy before when he was doing the news on Saturday Night Live. No one likes his comedy still. A retard telling jokes is funnier than. Mr. Educated comedy man Dennis Miller.

Who changed his tone of comedy to more of a racist tone after 9/11. Now he pretty much views every Muslim person as a terrorist. His answer to terrorism is to bomb all the middle eastern countries. Pretty much fuck'em kill all the women and children while your at it is his stance. He's just a real grade "A" douche bag that belongs buried somewhere in death valley.

Elton John best put it after his performance following Miller's 20 minute right tilting comedy at a charity event in Las Vegas in 2003 "Americans are always asking why the rest of the world hates them. Well, the reason is Dennis Miller. You've all gone mental if you like that.

Recently Miller has been taking jabs at Obama. Talking about the only topic Republicans liked to talk about when talking about Obama, his past associations. From all the crap he was talking about, it pretty much sounded short of calling Obama a towel head and Nigger. That's what I got from his tone. I mean the guy is a volcano of hatred and anger. More so than myself I might add. He's all about America! Fuck everyone else. That's his angle of thought.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's called the coming inauguration of President-Elect Obama the in"nigger"ation. Heck I've heard it around here and it's just ignorance at it's best. And this I heard from a minority mind you. You see here the older generation Filipinos are very conservative and simple minded. The younger generation is full of free thinkers and hopeful optimists. Dennis Miller is part of that old generation of conservative thinking. I mean the guy was born in 1953. I'm sure he hates gays and feels we should bomb them as well.

I say if you've got your head on straight [like I do] than you say FUCK YOU! Dennis Miller. I hope you die soon because your life isn't worth shit. You child molesting, pedophile looking mutha sucka.

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