Monday, December 1, 2008


Knock the reformed girl act already Britney. We all know that you haven't changed. We all also know that if you're dad isn't there to keep you on lock down you'd be out there coking up with Lohan or partying with that loser paparazzi dude you were banging.

I just love on the MTV special how you say you've matured so much.

But weren't you whining like a little brat the other week about how your dad won't let you go out and party and that you'd rather been in jail then to be on locked down by your dad? Weren't you complaining to the judge?

The tabs have tagged you as a little brat. I've tagged you as annoying ungrateful little cunt.

You're lucky you're dad's looking out for your well being. If you let your mom take care of you, we all know what happens when that takes place. You're off running around fat, with short skirts, pantie less and walking into a nasty dirty gas station bathroom bare footed. 

Without daddy you're an out of control fat nasty cunt. With daddy you're an in line, fit, clean, little cunt. Either way you're a cunt to me, but at least with daddy you're a much more tolerable cunt.

Enuff said.

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