Monday, December 1, 2008


If you could name one television network a reality producing whore. VH1 wins hands down. They will produce anything. Like this show "Real Chance of Love". Real and Chance are BFF's. They were on another sorry show called "I love New York" she was another loser on another lame show "Flavor or Love." It's all an ugly confusion and do I literally mean UGLY!

Anyhow now these two clowns have their own show and they're trying to find love. Yea like TV love is real nor does it ever work out.

These two rejects crack me up. They are the most ugly and lamest bachelors out there. Do they really think the girls on the show want to hook up with these two clowns? Well maybe, have you seen the bunk ass girls on the show? Ahmo aka MILF ain't no MILF. She ain't turning nothing on but a redneck McCain supporter.

How ugly mugs uglier than ME get their own show and reality fame, not to mention paid for this shit is beyond my comprehension. Their really is no GOD, either that or he's one fucked up mutha sucker. Like these two low life's deserve what they've gotten. The entertainment industry is one HELLISH place.

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