Friday, December 19, 2008


Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a big Chargers fan...even though I divorced them this year for embarrassing  in front of all the Chargers haters this season. Being they have so much "talented" players. But one player that I've always talked about since his draft has been Philip Rivers. I will back him til his careers over. Even when he starts to show his age. Because he'll go done as the Chargers greatest QB ever. Even better than Dan Fouts. And I'll tell you why I think that...

Since taking the reigns from Drew "incompetent" Brees he's shown why he was drafted. His first year as a start he went 14-2. His second year as a starter he had a slow first half of the season, but drastically improved in the second half and by the end playing in the AFC championship game with two blown out knees, he became a hero to everyone in the league. He failed to disclose to the public that both his knees where hurt with one severely injured, that it required surgery, but despite it all, including the pain he decided postpone the surgery til after the title game. His toughness drowned out all the hateful feelings that a lot of people had for Rivers because of his sideline antics and verbal discussions with fans and players of the opposing teams last season.

This season Rivers came back from surgery  stronger and better than he's ever been. He currently leads the league in passer rating with 101.4. With 3,515 yards passing and  28 touchdowns and only 11 INTs. His yard-per-attempt average is 8.2. Despite the stellar stats in his third starting season. He becomes the big "Snub" of this years pro bowl.  He was beat out by the ever so popular Brett Favre. Who's stats "this season" aren't up to par compared to Rivers. Favre has a passer rating of 86.5. His passing yards are 3,052 with 21 TDs and 17 INTs. His yard-per-attempt average is 6.8. So how does he become the starting QB and Rivers doesn't?

It's simple. The players and fans around the league still see Rivers as the guy who likes to talk it up to the fans and other players. They still have this distaste for him as a guy who trash talks to much on the field. Players like Dre Bly from the Broncos last season claimed that Rivers was a nobody, that he didn't deserve respect because he hasn't done anything [at the time got upset with him] in the league to show he's deserving. But after finishing TOUGH and STRONG last season and continuing into this season. Bly wouldn't and couldn't say he hasn't done anything because he has. He's one of the top QB's this season, despite his teams sorry record. Bly and other players and fans that still dispise Rivers won't give him the respect he deserves so to snub him out of the Pro Bowl is their way of showing their dislike for him. Who has shown Chargers fans that he's the real deal QB that the team has desperately been seeking for since the retirement of Stan Humphries and the Dan Fouts era.

And then there's Brett Favre. Who really needs to get his last name respelled, because I'm tired of putting the "R" before the "V" [the way it should be spelled considering how he pronounces it]. Anyways. Favre. By far one of if not the greatest QB of all time, toppling even the great Joe Montana. Everyone loves Favre. I love Favre. He's great, BUT has he had a great year this season with a New Team? No.  Does he deserve to be in the Pro Bowl? No. But since he's so well liked and everyone thinks he could retire again after this season they want to seem him play as much as they can he's in. 

But Rivers who deserves it more, doesn't because he's still disliked. Even if the Chargers miraculously make it to the playoffs and win it all in the end all because of Rivers' performances he still won't get respect from players like Bly and fans alike. Because to them he's just the talker and nothing more. They won't accept that he's the man that can talk the talk and walk the walk.

And really how is diabetic boy [Jay Cutler] in the pro bowl over Rivers?  Cutler has a QB rating of 88.6. He doesn't deserve to be there over Rivers. He deserves a pro bowl anal [I don't even know what...yea]. Someone seriously give him some ICE in paradise. Really someone switch his insulin shot with a shot of crack. Better yet someone over sugar his food or change his Gatorade to red bull or any highly sugared energy drink. It would be entertainment to see him just pass out into a diabetic coma on the field.

Anyways bottom line is Brett Favre is in because he's so well liked. Rivers is out because he's so well hated. Cutler is in because he gives good head to Ref's that call a game in his favor.

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  1. Your right on target with everything. Though, I thought it was Champ Bailey who made the comments about Rivers not proving himself? Even though I am a Giants fan, I have always like Philip Rivers. He clearly doesn't get the respect he deserves. I personally think Cutler talks more than Rivers but, then again Cutler wasn't the one caught on camera. As far as the pro was a joke. I still think Rivers & Pennington should of been on that roster. I have noticed though, this season in particular that Rivers has somewhat toned it down. He kind of reminds me of A-rod. the two of them are always criticized for stupid things that the media clearly blows out of proportion. Its not like Rivers does drugs, alcohol, or anything criminal related. Of course the Donkey's are going to say something. Rivers & San Diego always kick their asses. Donkeys are the definition of sore loser