Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So being baised because I'm affiliated with another clothing company starting up here sunny SD, have to TALK DOWN to the competition. And that competition is PST [Pinoy Street Team] Gear. Or they like to call themselves PI PIMPS.

Here comes my rant...ready?

I call them ass punks. Any crew that dubs themselves pimps are fucken PUNKS! Most of this crew is in their late 20s and early 30s but they still act like their still in High School.

Let's look at their mission statement:
"Our Mission is to evoke Philippines Culture through a clothing line inspired by the various leaders and life styles throughout the world. Our Vision is to support and promote greatness within the Philippines Community on a world platform through sponsorships of specific individuals, groups, and organizations with common goals. Tight designs with an O.G. gee. Spittin out the Sickest Designs to Pinoys and Pinays for a mass appeal of style n originality."

I got stomach cramps from laughing so hard. "to evoke Philippines Culture..." He keeps referring to us "Filipinos" as Philippines. I'm willing to bet that the owner wasn't born in the PI or lived in the PI to an age where he could remember it. 

I look through their website and all their so called "Tight Designs" are at best novice. Their website itself was designed nicely by a web guy. But their clothing designs look like they're designed by someone that never took a single graphic design class. It looks like someone got their hands of a hacked copy of Adobe's Creative Suite and tried to teach himself graphic design...and boy did he fail miserably.

And now they've pushed out Manny Pacquio shirts [and I don't think they licensed to use his likeness] because of the big Pacquio/DeLa Hoya fight. They're the shirts above...I know, one of the ugliest shirts I've ever seen.

All their promoting is essentially "wanksta" gear. All their photos, designs and sponsored people are all thugs. They embrace the gangsta lifestyle. They want to be hardcore thugs. Bandanna's? That's not the Filipino Culture. That's the whack Americanized Pinoys that black. It's not the true essence of Filipino's. They've totally missed the mark. I'm not down with punks like these guys. PI Pimps...are you in high school still? Lame. Really really lame.

It's all a big party for these guys. I mean the owner was part of the big party promoters in San Diego...Legend Entertainment. So I mean he's definitely got that party scene mentality. You know the immature mentality that most of us had when we were in HIGH SCHOOL! Dude you're over 30 man...grow up and do a clothing line that has a mature tone to it. Not not stupid gangster crap.

The only thing these fools have going for them is they have money to produce a lot of products.  But who really wants to buy products with poor design quality? These designs would be laughed at on the mainstream platform. They just aren't well thoughtout designs. They're so over designed...cluttered.

I'm saying it because my friends would never say it. Because they're to nice over there. But since Chris Haider likes to step on toes it's no big deal for me to do it. Hey it's all shits n giggles to me. Just another day in the life of a hater.

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  1. What's even more lame is that by Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao endorsing the product, he has subjected himself to Haiderism. I'm hating too because I don't have it in my mind to take something "cultural" and bastardize to the point where it exploits my roots to gangster and thug culture. If I did this, I'd be a very rich man.