Monday, December 1, 2008


The Superficial reports that Natalie Portman turned down a roll as a nun in a movie because she didn't understand celibacy. The question is does that mean she doesn't understand it because she doesn't know what the term celibacy is or that she doesn't understand why people live by it. I'll take the latter part.

I guess she won't pretend to be celibate for a movie roll because it goes beyond her beliefs. Which would mean she believes in fucking. Hot nasty probing sex all the time. Nothing less and awhole lot more if you got something to add. I now believe she's a dirty little cunt. I wonder if she's up for anything...anything but CELIBACY that is. Wow I bet all the Star Wars geeks out there are at full light saber attention.

Come on, guys that have had the Natalie experience please come out and share your stories. I'm pretty sure they're interesting...very interesting.

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