Thursday, November 20, 2008


Recently Angelina [Jolie] admitted that she will cut down her movie roles. She will take a year break and then look to doing only 2-3 movies a year and then to 1-2 after that and then doing none. She says she wants to retire from doing movies to move on to other things. Things like saving the world or whatever. I think Brad [Pitt] will do movies for as long as he can...he loves it to much.

I think she's needs to do more movies a year like 10 movies a year. She's still young and very very HOT! We need to see that hotness more on the big screen. When she starts looking old and worn out, much like how Jennifer Aniston looks, than she should cut down on the movies. But I doubt she'll ever look that run down. Aniston should do less movies, not that she's a real movie star anyways. But I think she [Aniston] should do maybe 1 movie every 5 years. Just to let people know she's still alive. Eh, that butt scene in The Breakup, was nasty. That was a celebrity butt I did not want to see. That was a NO tissue scene. It was more like a limp scene...okay enough Aniston bashing.

Jolie needs to do a real full nude scene not like the one in the animated Beowulf. I'm talking about like Eva Mendes in Training Day...showing that bush and everything...Mr. Skin would go crazy over that.

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