Saturday, November 22, 2008


My sister told me the other day that my mom went up to her during election week and said "did you hear that we have a Muslim President now?" Like there is something terribly wrong with that.

Again for the 100th billionth time. He is not Muslim, he is Christian. And if he was Muslim, what difference does that make? He'd be a Muslim American. There is nothing wrong with being a Muslim American. The Muslim religion in general is a very peaceful religion. It's just those that take it a little to serious, the extremist that give it a bad name. It's like the Christian faith, the self proclaimed cult leaders are Christian extremist. That take the faith away from it's true meaning.

There would/should be nothing wrong if Obama was a Muslim American President.

Get it in your head you dumb redneck white conservative trash! Muslim does not equal Terrorist. Not all middle eastern looking people are terrorist! God how dumb most of our fellow Americans are. Heck most of our young don't know where Europe is, nor do they know where the Pacific Ocean is [I'm serious a survey was done, it's all true].

And besides where does it say anywhere that the President of the United States has to be Christian? Where? Right next to the line that says the President can only be a white man? Please. It's no wonder why the rest of the world hates us. A lot of our fellow Americans are so stupid. And you know who's to blame? Hollywood and the whole Entertainment industry.

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