Thursday, November 20, 2008


Okay so I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one that thinks Madonna is actually Mandonna. To my surprise as I was on thesurperficial on the comments part of a Madonna article just about everyone wrote how much of a cunt Mandonna is. How they all thanked the heavens that Guy Ritchie got out of there alive. I couldn't agree more. Oh image I used on this article is credited to thesuperficial.

And a commenter made the point that Mandonna only does things that benefit her pockets or her image. I so agree with that also. Because that's exactly how I saw her so called adoption of her African baby. She literally went to Africa, out of nowhere and came back with a kid. And she's never ever mentioned she's into saving the world as Jolie and Pitt are. In fact she's never gone back. She only did it to try to improve her image as a world saver like the Pitt-Jolie duo. Now talk about self serving...this is the Queen of self serving cunts. She's the fakest bitch out there. When she first got with Guy she came back to states and was talking with a British accent...what a cunt.

Okay I want you guys to take a good hard look at the picture above and tell if you'd honestly want to sleep with that? Is that a hot piece of ass? I don't think so. A[nal] Rod does. That's because he likes to receive now...I bet Guy was tired of receiving that Mandonna strap on. She took his manhood away. Now it's A-Rod's turn.

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