Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Obama during his campaign ventured into the Internet to gain supporters and garner votes. It worked.

Now he wants to continue that venture by launching a new website that keeps the people informed about the President-Elect. The new website that launched just days after the historic win is

Obama's feels that the Internet is a part of the change that he's been talking about. He wants to keep his people [us Americans] informed and aware of what issues he's dealing with at the moment, throughout his Presidency.

He wants to introduce topics that people will be able to discuss about and leave comments for him to take into consideration. He wants to keep the people involved, so he says. We'll have to see where this new website takes us. He also says that he wants to replace the old ways of Saturday morning radio addresses by the President. His approach would be more of a video blog per say. Seems he would like the people to see face talking to them instead of a voice off an am channel or whatever channel  the President's Saturday morning program airs on.

He really is bringing change to the way things are done. The way the President communicates with his people. If the video blogging does happen. I think that would be the coolest thing. I mean that would mean the President is down with the times. He knows whats up and he's not allowing himself to be above his people, but rather remain at the same level.

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