Friday, November 7, 2008


It was obvious that Kendra to get a career going. Or you know to get famous. Now she's well known and now it's time to quit faking the funk and go out there and do you thing. Everyone knew Kendra was no way in love with Hef romatically. From the show, the way she talked about sports guys and the way she booty danced you knew she was into the darker meat. You know extra long thick guys! she was obviously into black guys. Hef's ancient ass wasn't satisfying her ghetto ass.

So now that I assume the contract expired she was not resigned nor did she want to. She wanted to be with her NFL boyfriend Hank Baskett who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Apparently non of the Charger guys wanted her. I've heard she'd been all over trying to get the guys attention. I've heard Merrimen was one that was on her list to hit up. But who knows, he probably hit it but didn't like what came after...her yapping.

Now Hef has given "his blessings." Like he really cares. For him to throw her wedding at the mansion is just another reason to have a party. That's all that it's about for his ancient mummy ass. I mean he's lost his only real girl friend from the three Girl Next Door girls Holly. Her delusional ass thought he could give her a baby. He's 184 years old...his sperm stopped reproducing a 5 decades ago. Now he's got twin 19 year old girls under contract living with him. He really lives by the name "Playboy." He's not a pimp he's more sophisticated than that. Pimps are low lifes. He's a class in his own.

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