Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay here it comes I have to let it out....HAHA you dumb ass McCain supporters. Cry me a river you losers! Ah your so sad your Jurassic candidate lost the  election...Duh, he's was born during the time of Jesus for gods sake, you think he'll make it through one term.

One comment on an anti-Obama site wrote "We have to watch this guy and not give him and inch." a McCain supporter wrote. "The same way he criticized every move of President Bush. We have to make things difficult for him as he did for Bush."

HA. What a stupid comment by a stupid redneck no less, I bet. Bush was criticized by the WORLD. You dumb ass! His approval rating right now stands at 28%. Ha not even McCain would get that kind of rating had he won. So Obama will by far be a better President. The world will accept Obama more than they would have McCain. If congress/Washington doesn't even like McCain, what would make you think the world would? Especially considering he is buddy buddy with President Bush?

Ah what a good day today is...if I only had video of crying McCain supporters to watch. It would be the icing on the cake. And all you Christian dip shits that are praying "for humanity" because you think the anti-Christ has taken over and that God will come down and bring forth a rapture. I don't know even know what to hope for you. Ya'll dip shits to me. Close minded stuck in the box type of losers. I guess I can bring on full HAiDER by saying I hope you die and wake up in Hell. But I "pray" most that your son or daughters grow being gay! There's nothing wrong with Gay Marriage you Mormons [morons] or gay people! Conservative Christians are all anti-Obama. Well then that would make me anti-christian. Because most conservative Christians that I know are self serving people. They use and take advantage of the generosity of others for their own benefits and give back nothing in return but their undying lies and deceit.

Suckers suckers suckers! haha you McCain supporters really thought you guys had a chance at winning this thing? What a bunch of dreamers!  Haha in your face!

I just love winning. If Obama had lost, I'd been ripping and angry rant right now. But since that ain't the case, I'll rip a "in your face" to the conservatives...aka "squares." I'm a sore loser and a sore winner. So tough! 

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